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Introduction To Me

[[1st off lemme say hi, I’m the new writer for Kelly Osbourne, if any of you had plot lines going with the last one, I’m sorry, but I will be starting fresh…thanks]]

Ok, I finally got one of these damn things. I don't really even know what to say. I'm Kelly, I'm 17, pink is my signature color, and I live in LA with my mom, dad and Brother Jack. My sister Aimie is a bitch; I hardly even talk to her. Um, my AIM SN is InspirationGodS if anyone cares to IM me...
I get along best with guys, most other girl's generally think I'm gross, but guys can laugh at shit, and be more laid back. I fart and burp, and sit with my legs wide open... I'm basically like fuck it.
I'm usually cool with most people who are cool with me. If you're real and don't pull some fake ass bullshit then it's alright.

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